#HBHullBloggers June Mini Meet at Furley & Co.

The #HBHullBloggers mini-meet was held at the lovely Furley and Co, which is situated opposite Prices Quay, a stone's throw away from the stunning Hull Marina. A vibrant place to grab a drink or a bite with friends, it was the perfect place for a small get together of bloggers, and a great way to send off Alex who was leaving us to go travelling!

Furleys really did treat us. We were the guinea pigs for some new items on their menu including cheese burgers, halloumi burgers, fries and glorious freakshakes. The main meal was delicious and the tasty chip-shop-style chips were definitely a highlight for all of the bloggers. They were also lovely enough to serve them separately to the sauces, which was great for our table of seemingly fussy eaters.

Then the Freakshakes arrived. Chocolate, bannoffee, strawberry and vanilla flavoured jars that were over flowing with a whole donut, more cream sweets, chocolate bars and biscuits - they were insane! 

Kat had also gifted us all some amazing goodie bags, including beauty treats from BenefitStargazerGosh Cosmetics,Makeup Revolution and Studio 10, amazing haircare from  Paul MitchellBatiste and other lovelies from Ultradexand LYDC bags

Alex sorted us out some adorable Eat Your Photo brownies... it never felt better to eat your own face!

Some of our lovely bloggers have also blogged about the #HBHullBloggers June Mini-Meet, here's what they had to say...

"For me the fries were the best part, I'm sure they were double fried to ensure their lovely crispiness!" - Courtney, Retro and Thrift.
"It was really nice just being able to have a chat seen as I haven't seen some of the girls since September!" - Jordan, Jordan Courtney
"[The freakshakes] are quite the party-piece, and we sure gave them a good go. A definite treat, but something I would recommend when visiting Hull!" - Heather, No Super Hero

Have you been to Furleys? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! 

Courtney Farrow

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